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The Crown’s Price

Sequel to the Wattpad FEATURED story Philomena.

Two years ago, Tancred, King of Deusetats, made a deal with the Empress of Jovan. Now, the Empress has called in that deal. She wants to annexe the Kingdom of Merot, and she demands Tancred’s assistance.

But Tancred has enemies of his own, and he is no longer so certain of the choices he made two years earlier. If he honours his debt, he might lose his throne; if he reneges, Prince Rainhart’s life will be forfeit. To save Rainhart’s life, he sends Philomena to the Imperial Court of the Jovani Empire with a simple task: to outwit one of the most dangerous men in the world–a man who also happens to be her foster father.

Tancred’s reign began in blood, with the brutal beheading of the regicide Waldon Bartosz. Now, as three armies face off against each other, Tancred and his allies must race against time to prevent it from ending the same way.



A Wattpad FEATURED story

Philomena is a child of the empire, traded to faraway Deusetats to seal an alliance and marry a prince: the handsome but arrogant Prince Rainhart. However, politics is never simple.

On the eve of Philomena’s wedding, the king is brutally assassinated, his heir accused of treason, and Philomena’s life thrown into chaos. Philomena and Rainhart flee the king’s betrayers, trading the world of palaces and gowns for one of anger and fear.

Far from home and surrounded by people who want them dead, they must attempt to right a wrong that has angered even the old magic sleeping beneath the ground.

They’ll have to work together if they want to survive.

But, they can barely stand each other, and Philomena has secrets of her own, that if discovered could cost the alliance, her position, and the person who has captured her heart.

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What people are saying

—”This story is fantastic. I love the complexity of the characters and the seamless way you’re weaving the plot.”

—”Is there a sequel??”

—”I stayed up for the last two nights reading this.”

—”Best story in my library.”

Characters in Philomena

A note on naming conventions

In Deusetats, names comprise a title, a nearname and a farname; for example Prince Rainhart Dorn. Generally only people who know each other well or are close family will call each other by their nearname (“Rainhart”). Equals or superiors will use their farname (“Dorn”), or more formally by their title and farname (“Prince Dorn”). Subordinates will call them by their form of address (“your highness”).

In Jovan, names comprise title, given name, family name and then any additional names; for example, Lady Philomena Sylvanus Alysius–or Lady Philomena of the Sylvani, from Alysia. Equals or superiors will use either given name (“Philomena”) or more formally, title and given name (“Lady Philomena”). Subordinates will use form of address (“my lady”) or title and given name.


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The Forest’s Heart

Copy of (1)

Vallebrion is one of the old places — a forest where the old and new worlds lie side by side. Clara has grown up walking its shadowed paths and green glens, and one day the man she takes as husband will be Master of Vallebrion and the mysteries that have been forgotten by the temple’s Teaching.

Then the peace of the forest is shattered by the arrival of two men. One is a southern lord intent on winning Clara’s hand, and the other is his prisoner: a man marked as an outlaw and outsider, tortured and near death. One of these men could be the ruin of Vallebrion and the secrets it protects, while the other may hold the key to help Clara save the forest.


What people are saying

—”Every word drew me further into the story.”

—”I can’t believe how fast-paced and yet incredibly detailed this story is.”

The Time-Traveller’s Choice

Copy of Copy ofOne moment, Emma Scott is in her college room in 2015, and the next she’s in 1921, trying to find her great grandmother and falling in love with an ex-soldier with a charming smile and a secret…

Emma’s an old hand at time travel: the first time she was pulled backwards she was ten years old. She can sense the memories that stone, fabric and wood have soaked up: usually she just sees them, but sometimes she ends up living them. She knows the drill: (1) avoid getting pulled backwards in the first place; (2) avoid the object that’s pulled you backwards; (3) prevent the memory that imprints on the object, or, if all that fails, (4) wait it out until you’re back in the right time.

The problem is that the object was an old ring that her Granny Alice bequeathed to her, and Emma last saw it on the finger of her great grandmother, fleeing into a crowded London street. Now Emma is desperately trying to find the ring so she can throw it in the Regent’s Canal and go back to her own time, but her great grandmother seems to have vanished, and meanwhile there’s Charlie Lawrence who’s making Emma wonder if she even wants to go back at all…

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Succession and Inheritance in Deusetats

So, in my Primer on Politics for Writers, I said:

If you make the [inheritance] systems any more complex than that, you risk (a) spending all your time explaining it, or (b) confusing readers over something that doesn’t drive the plot anyway. Trust me, I know this from personal experience. :)

In some ways, when I said “from personal experience” here, I was thinking of the succession rules in Deusetats, which are based on real-world cultures, but not the ones that are called easily to mind. Although for me as writer it’s a fun challenge to think about how this pivots the political landscape, I’m aware that for readers it is sometimes a little difficult to track. I think/hope the story reads fine even if you’re not 100% across the details, and think/hope also that watching the characters navigate the twisted roads to power might inspire readers to get more interested in politics generally, but I am also aware that it might be a bit hard to track. So, I have written this post to provide more info to those that want it, in the hope that it is not necessary to enjoying the story. 🙂

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Jayson Agonistes: Breaking Hell by David Whitechapel

Jayson Agonistes: Breaking Hell by David Whitechapel

Just started posting The Glittering Court (sequel to featured fantasy Philomena) on Wattpad. #excite!

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