A note on naming conventions

In Deusetats, names comprise a title, a nearname and a farname; for example Prince Rainhart Dorn. Generally only people who know each other well or are close family will call each other by their nearname (“Rainhart”). Equals or superiors will use their farname (“Dorn”), or more formally by their title and farname (“Prince Dorn”). Subordinates will call them by their form of address (“your highness”).

In Jovan, names comprise title, given name, family name and then any additional names; for example, Lady Philomena Sylvanus Alysius–or Lady Philomena of the Sylvani, from Alysia. Equals or superiors will use either given name (“Philomena”) or more formally, title and given name (“Lady Philomena”). Subordinates will use form of address (“my lady”) or title and given name.


Empress Adrienne Sylvanus filia Dolmus of Jovan, niece of Lord Valentinus and Lord Cassius; mother of Princess Beatrix Adela.

Queen Consort Agneja of Merot, married to King Godfrey; mother of Maldwyn, Rainhart, Holle and Linde.

Baron Antrim, a Cimbra baron.

Argo, Lord Luca’s spaniel.

Briga, Prince Rainhart’s wolfhound.

Baron Brun, a Cimbra baron.

Lord Cassius Sylvanus filius Herminius, brother of Lord Valentinus, uncle of Empress Adrienne Sylvanus.

Cervin Sylvanus, servant of Lord Valentinus Sylvanus.

Elspet, Queen Consort Agneja’s handmaid

King Gafin Godfrey of Reuz, King of Deusetats, Lesser King of the Teuta, married to Queen Consort Agneja; father of Maldwyn, Rainhart, Holle and Linde.

Lord Galfrid Henrik of Diewalde, Castellan of Breg Castle.

Princess Holle Anheldis of Reuz, third child and eldest (and only surviving) daughter of King Godfrey and Queen Consort Agneja.

Princess Linde of Reuz, youngest child of King Godfrey and Queen Consort Agneja. Deceased.

Baron Linnan Konrad of Mullrose, younger brother of Baron Milos.

Llewellyn kin Gwaerfon, husband of Lord Cassius Sylvanus.

Lord Luca Sylvanus, younger brother of Lady Philomena Sylvanus; illegitimate son of Lord Valentinus Sylvanus.

Prince Maldwyn Brant of Reuz, eldest child of King Godfrey and Queen Consort Agneja; elder brother of Rainhart and Holle.

Baron Milos of Mullrose, foster father of Rainhart, older brother of Baron Konrad.

Lady Philomena Sylvanus Alysius filia Valentinus, illegitimate daughter of Lord Valentinus Sylvanus. Elder sister of Lord Luca Sylvanus. Betrothed to Prince Rainhart.

Prince Rainhart Dorn of Reuz, second son of King Godfrey and Queen Consort Agneja, younger brother of Maldwyn, elder brother of Rainhart. Betrothed to Lady Philomena Sylvanus.

Queen Setnais, Queen of Merot, elder sister of Queen Consort Agneja.

Crown Prince Tancred Ansgar of Reuz, nephew of King Godfrey; first cousin to Maldwyn, Rainhart and Holle. Heir to the crown of Deusetats and the Lesser Kingship of the Teuta.

Tilda, Lady Philomena’s maidservant.

Lord Valentinus Sylvanus filius Herminius, elder uncle of Empress Adrienne Sylvanus. Married to Lady Lucina Ventus (estranged) and father to Lord Felix Sylvanus. Natural father of Lady Philomena Sylvanus and Lord Luca Sylvanus. Mistress is Lady Ignatia Astraeus.

Baron Waldon Bartosz of Traumwald, Lesser King of the Cimbra.