On the pronunciation of names and places in “Philomena”

By request, a little pronunciation guide – happy to add any others people aren’t sure of. 🙂

Broadly (but not consistently), Deusetatsan pronunciation is similar to German, Jovani to Latin, and Alysine to Greek.

Alysia/Alysine “a-LEES-ia/A-liss-ine”
Cervin “KER-vin”
Cimbra “TSIM-bra”
Deusetats “DOI-zetats”
Holle “HOL-ly”
Leutz “LOITZ”
Mittelwalde “MI-tel-vald”
Mullrose “MOOL-rose” (oo like in book)
Philomena “fi-lo-ME-na”
Rainhart “RAIN-hart”
Reuz “ROIZ”
Sylvanus “sil-VAH-noos”
Tancred “TANG-cred”
Teutic/Teuta “TOI-tic/TOI-ta”
Traumwald “TRAUM-vald” where the au sounds like the “ow” in “cow”
Waldon “VAL-don”
Valentin “va-len-TEEN”

Although you could pronounce them however you think sounds nicest! 🙂

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