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Senna Black is Australian, based in London. She is a political scientist by training, policy wonk by trade, frustrated historian, and pathological reader.

Since high school, Senna has been writing on and off, in various formats, and her short stories, long stories, fanfiction and roleplay characters are scattered across many sites and pseudonyms on the internet. These days she devotes herself more or less exclusively to original fiction, with wry fantasy-historical being her most natural resting place.

She particularly likes to write characters who make sensible life choices, no matter how outlandish the situation they may be in. She likes romances where the characters would have something in common to talk about over tea, and plots where nobody does anything flagrantly against their interest for no reason. She thinks a fantastic setting is no excuse for anyone being silly.

Senna cites her literary inspirations as Juliet Marillier, Lois McMaster Bujold, Lynn Flewelling, George R. R. Martin, Guy Gavriel Kay, Diana Gabaldon, and Tamora Pierce.

Senna is addicted to social media, but tends only to be able to concentrate on one or two at a time.

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