Link Suggestions — Jobs During the Medieval Period

What did people do: in a Medieval City? from Shawn Vincent

  • A lengthy list of jobs during the medieval period. It’s divided into: government, military, criminal, religious, merchants, entertainers, farmers, scholars, sailors, regular folk, craftsmen, services and other jobs. Scrolling is made easy by clicking on each type of jobs. 

List Of Medieval European Professions from The Arcana Wiki

  • Another lengthy job list. It’s also divided into categories: agriculture, aquaculture, aquaculture, craftsman, criminal, entertainer, government, merchant, military, religion, sailor, scholar, service industry, and unemployed. Categories are also further sub-divided. For example, the military category breaks into soldier, siege engineer, officer, and camp follower. It lists many specific jobs at every category. It’s organized in a timetable and also offers links to similar categories.

Medieval People Titles, Positions, Trades & Classes from Lake Springfield Christian Assembly Camp and Retreat Center

  • Although a lengthy list, it’s a bit harder to look through categories as it’s a PDF file and doesn’t offer links to categories. It does include categories previous links didn’t look through. It includes titles and short descriptions of the following categories: royalty, clergy, nobility, tradesmen, merchants, castle workers, entertainers, military, and peasantry. It can be useful for those who want to include nobility and royalty alongside lower job classes.

A List of Occupations from Roots Web

  • An alphabetized and complete list of medieval jobs. It’s not divided into categories, so looking for a specific job can be difficult. Nonetheless, it’s offers jobs that aren’t found on previous links. Each job comes with a short description but doesn’t offer links to similar jobs. 

100 Medieval Careers from A Butterfly Dreaming

  • This list is shorter than the others but neatly divides jobs by social class. The 100 jobs are divided into learned, lesser nobility, professionals, the working class, martial, scoundrels and the underclass, and entertainers. This can be helpful for those who want a more hierarchal medieval roleplay that includes people from different social backgrounds. It offers a good amount of jobs that aren’t repetitive, so this list is the one to look through if you need help with medieval jobs.