I’m posting my NaNoWriMo as I write! It’s called A Fair Measure of Happiness and it’s a time travel romance set in the 1920s in the East End of London. Blurb below!

Places have memories. Objects remember, and stone, fabric and wood never forget. They call out across time, and sometimes people hear them.

The first time Emma Scott time-travelled, she was ten years old, and she went backwards by fifteen minutes because she picked up a toy that a child had dropped in the street.

Nine years later, Emma comes back to London for her grandmother’s funeral. Grandmother has left her a bequest: an old emerald ring, some of its stones fallen out, but lovingly polished and cared for. Then Emma starts having strange, vivid dreams. Of herself walking through the East End as she’s seen it in black-and-white photographs. Of a woman and a baby. And a man named Charlie with a charming smile and a secret.

Because the ring remembers something tragic that happened on Mile End road in 1921, and Emma is about to witness it first-hand.